Composes Most Of Your Body

Water composes most of your body . This is the statistic that you hear very often but what does it really mean? Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen that is the basis for all life. Finding water on the planet Earth is a challenging and ever especially when you have to go below the surface of the water in order to get it. But what if you are on a different planet? The presence of water on any sort of extra terrestrial planet or asteroid is the first indicator that there could be life presents. The presence of freshwater on the planet Earth was the first precursor to developing life period many scientists believe that once there was stable freshwater on the planet Earth then the energy bubbling up from underwater volcanoes and also coming from lightning was enough to move the chemistry and a way that developed very simple organisms. These organisms then combined into cells and B cells combined into larger beings . therefore the presence of water somewhere is a indication that there may be life nearby or will be life in the future.

Finding water on a different planet is a very exciting Discovery for discoverers of space like scientist and Astronaut because this means that there could be life on other planets if the conditions are right. But Life as we know it is based on water and that means that water is the most important element of this and all life. Robots on other planets that are looking for water has very Advanced systems for drilling below the surface and extracting the water. The Mars rover currently there and extracting samples has just such a device for extracting what we would consider spring water from the planet Mars. To do this it has a system of many different parts that are used to not only find the water itself but also drill down deep enough in order to get it. This Swiss army knife of tools include a small drill which is very hard and color with diamond and can go up to 9 feet below the surface. This has been used many times in order to get below to the spring water below the surface of Mars. The other part of this tool is a scanner that uses sonar and radar in order to detect the presence of water below the surface. It is very important that they’re able to drill in the right place because the planet is very big and if they weren’t real they would waste valuable energy that is in battery packs that has to last for the entire mission.

Therefore the location of the water is of utmost importance. Once they drill down with the Rover the scientists are able to collect samples of this water and then bring that to the surface for testing. When this discovery was made and excited everyone because it means that at some point there could have been seas and rivers on the planet itself .

This means that there could have been life! on this planet water is also extremely important important for life. Spring water is often considered by many to be a luxury that is imported from over the world to quench The Thirst of the rich who can afford to have their water important. But as we move forward in history water will become more more of a valuable resource that must be protected and perhaps become decommodified in order to make sure that there’s enough water for everyone.

Above all water is precious and should not be taken for granted. Whether it is pumped out of a spring in the Alps or comes from your tap it is a vital and necessary resource which is not easy to come by for many of the world’s population periods in third world countries it is not uncommon for people to walk thousands and hundreds of miles in order to access fresh water. Here we have it from the top and yet we prefer to drink it out of bottles.

Even in this country in places like Flint Michigan the water is not safe to drink out of the top and only bottles will do. It is these sorts of crisis in regards to water access that means that access to spring water will become even more important in the years to come. Consider spring water your roadside assistance because it will save you every time. Isn’t it is important to remember this and to not be selfish when it comes to Nature’s precious gift of natural spring water so that everyone has it to quench their thirst in the future for all time.

Access To Fresh Water

Water is a vital resource for all living things on this planet. The location of water over the world is how many civilizations got their start. Access to fresh water weather in the source of a river or an underground stream is so vital for the survival of people that entire cities and civilizations are based around that one commodity itself . pumping water out of the ground has been done throughout the Centuries by all different kinds of civilizations as a way of maintaining their population and the people there with fresh water.

Rain is perfect for agriculture and the rainy season in many places is the way that people grow food. But access to fresh water is what ensures this real survival of a civilization. in the Andes the people there had access to snow run off that was often collected in Springs that they would tap and harvest. They had a very basic system of collecting this water that do not involve any sort of artificial pumping but rather use Mother Nature’s pumping itself to secure the Water Source period in the Alps the natural spring water would collect in 2 weeks and people would collect it there.

They’re also Springs that are very far away from a mountain or snow Source. Francis in the desert there are natural springs that will pop up and create life and Oasis in the desert. This is often the source of the Oasis that you experience in the desert from the Sahara to California. Pumping water out of the ground is a vital and necessary part of growing a population and a civilization and has been for centuries. When you were pumping water out of the ground you want to consider all the people that you are with when you are deciding how much to pull out. It is really important that you consider the natural world and the ecosystem around you when extracting water from the ground.

Often you are not the only one who is benefiting from the Bounty of nature giving fresh water to the world. They’re often plants and animals that are also growing and living and having family around the water provided by the spring. When this is the case if the water is diverted or stolen then these animals and plants will die and the ecosystem around the water will dry up. it is your responsibility when pumping water from Spring to take this into account and not to be selfish.

When you are pumping water out of the ground you should have a consideration for all of the plants and animals that live around or near by or even that lives far away that you cannot see who rely on the water coming out of the spring for their own needs. Oftentimes these underwater Springs are a source of life for entire ecosystems especially in the desert where rain is scarce. To dry up a spring like this would be a very serious damage to the ecosystem and would damage the delicate Natural Balance of plants and animals that occur their period throughout history human beings have not been conscientious of this responsibility to the natural world and because of this there has been a lot of damage done to ecosystems all over the world. Dams and such are also very destructive to ecosystems and have had a very bad effect on Forest and wetlands everywhere from China to the United States.

Because of this if you are planning on harvesting water from the ground it is very important to do an ecological study that will tell you exactly the impact that the water is currently having on the area and also the impact that your tapping of the spring would have on the surrounding area. When you were doing this study is important to use it professional who has a lot of experience with water and also with the specific area that you are thinking about tapping. This person should be fully licensed and have a sterling reputation from the ecological Community as well as local community for his expertise and not only water but also the ecosystem the plants and animals of the area. If you use fresh water for carpet cleaning then you can get much cleaner carpets. Once you have done this then you can proceed with a clear conscience knowing that you are not doing any damage to the area when you are tapping the water and harvesting the spring itself .

Labor Intensive But Well Worth It

Harvesting water out of the ground is a labor-intensive process that requires a lot of machinery know-how and permits. It can also be very controversial for many other reasons that we discussed in the previous blog posts including the geopolitical concerns of water as an exercise of political power as well as a means of control of the population based on a limited resource necessary for life. harvesting water out of the ground is something that can be done on a personal basis as well if you are camping and have a map of the water table that is reliable for you to find the water itself and two the able to get it out of the ground once you do. When you are camping or if you have land with a water table below then you can pop it out of the ground using some equipment that you can find online.

If you go to certain websites with this sort of equipment you can find user-friendly equipment that is easy to use and also will not break your bank. There’s certain pumps that use only your hands and muscle power in order to extract the water from the ground. Once you do this you should have a simple filter that will extract all of The Unwanted contaminants from the water and also make it suitable to drink free of all bacteria. It is important that you remove all amoebas and bacteria from your water at this will make you very sick and often cause very painful gastrointestinal problems.

One amoeba per gallon of water will cause severe gastrointestinal issues at that are very uncomfortable and that you do not want to deal with. It is easy to buy a filter that will not only extract these dangerous microbes from your newly pumped water but also ensure that you are not drinking any chemicals that may have leached into the water from Farmland or any other sort of the industrial effluent up River. there many filters and pumps that you can buy often from camping websites that are designed to do this using only your body and hands as a source of power. Once you have this pump then you will need a way to store it.

There are many bottles and types of containers that you can buy that will provide this for you. You want to make sure that you choose a bottle that is PBA free and ideally made out of metal or glass that way there are no chemicals from the bottle that will reach into your fresh spring water. Once you have the water pump then you have to decide if you want to only use it for personal use or if you want to sell it. In the United States you need to require a permit that has the backing of the state and the country in order to sell water. To do this you would need to have an inspector from the state come and inspect your water supply and also your finished product. This can be a lot of work.

There are also many other reasons why why you would want to pump water from the ground. Many people believe that there are healing properties of spring water especially those who are very religious. In France there are rivers that are attributed with mystical Catholic powers that have the power to heal those who come to the river with faith looking to be healed. They’re also rivers in South America that are reported to have healing properties based on the native peoples who live there. if you are pumping water out of the ground then perhaps it is because you don’t want to drink it it’s because you want to use this water for another purpose.

If you are not religious and don’t feel like when deleting people out of their money for some hocus-pocus then I recommend you use the water perhaps for a beauty treatment. The high mineral content in a lot of spring waters can be very good for your skin and has the properties to make someone look youthful and healthy. Don’t want to get a nasty vampire facial? Then drink your vitamin mineral water to give you the same effect. When you are pumping the water out of the ground is important to remember why you are doing it and to make sure that you do not disturb the natural ecosystem around you.


But perhaps more of the issue is that we use the same water for sanitation as we do for cooking and bathing. People from other countries think that it is crazy that the same water that we use to drink is the same water that we use for toilets. Perhaps if we had a different class of water for this will be able to reserve more fresh water for drinking and therefore be able to provide it to more people . It is innovative felt like this that will ensure that everyone has enough water and that spring water at collection becomes a luxury no more and everyone has enough water to drink.

Using different types of water for different uses is over he is used in many places around the world. For instance where I went to school the administration used what they call gray water to water the plants and also to use for toilet than any other function where there was not direct human interaction. The grey water was collected from runoff and processed slightly but not to the degree that most water is filtered and process to be pumped back into the water table. This gray water was less expensive and also easier to come by and therefore made the campus more sustainable and freed up more water to be used by more people for things like drinking and cooking. It is the sort of creative Endeavors for water used that will allow the world to have enough water in the future.

Pumping water out of the ground is a time and labor intensive process. Harvesting water from the ground is very energy-intensive and it’s probably not a sustainable form of water collection for a lot of communities. ring collection is another way to harvest water from Mother Nature. Rain collection is achieved when large Vats for aquifers collect rain water that comes directly from the sky or more commonly runs off from the mountains. This is also how many underground Springs collect their water from snow run off. This is where the climate change is also going to have a serious effect on collecting spring water for drinking. As snows move from the mountains to other places or eliminated altogether because of global warming there will be much less know in order to melt and run off and fill the underground streams and rivers that provides the water for the springs. Global warming is caused by many different things mostly by the burning of fossil fuels farming and also industrialization of civilization caused by humans. The warming of the of the planet causes a shift in the climate and also the weather patterns of the World. Part of these weather patterns are the snow. Snow has been falling much less in the Arctic and Antarctic and also in the mountains.

This year in California there was a weather phenomenon known as El Nino that caused a lot of snow to fall in the desert and the mountains and because of this the drought that hasn’t experienced by California has been reduced. Aquifers and lakes like the one that Arrowhead company uses for its water collection are now replenished in a way that they were not before. if you are considering trying to get this out of the ground and harvesting the water then you will probably need a lot of permits in order to do that. Especially now with the El Nino happening and also the controversy surrounding the drug then you will have to make sure that you are not stepping on anyone’s toes and that no one else has a claim to that war. Water has become a very serious issue some Economist believe that it will be the oil of the 21st century as far as the demand and also the geopolitical events that will occur in order to secure a safe water supply. The highly-acclaimed Mad Max Fury Road that’s just one many Oscars is based around the idea that after a post-apocalyptic man-made event water becomes the ultimate resource that is not over by human beings. the movie depicting a post-apocalyptic scene where the warlord would release water on to the thirsty as it’s below as this was his main source of control over them. This is of course a movie that is based on science fiction however this idea has not been totally discounted by scientists.


Water is considered not only a luxury but also a right by some people and the controversy about this is ongoing. There are some that believe that water is a natural resource that should be available to everyone all the time regardless of their ability to pay for it because of there’s Humanity alone. These people look at water as a resource to be enjoyed by everyone and something that freely falls from the sky. Therefore it should not become modified and made into a luxury or a commodity and something that can be profited from. water is Elemental and can be considered by many people to be not only sacred but also part of everyone’s life. The human body is made up mostly of water is a statistic that you hear very often and one that is germane to this conversation as well .

If your body is made out of water and water is the most vital part of your life and your body’s ability to function then who’s right is it to take that away. Water is something that is necessary for the function of all of their cells and that is necessary for your metabolism. You often hear that you can live much longer with no food then you can with no water and this is true. Water is necessary to drink and if you don’t have it to drink then you will die very quickly. This is where things like spring water are very controversial as you are taking water out of the ground privately and then selling it back to the people at a cost. Now when you pump water out of the ground then you are providing a service because not everyone has the means to extract the water from the ground in the spring bottle it and then make it convenient. This convenient and necessary service is worth the money that it takes to buy a bottle of water from the store. And the companies like Arrowhead and Evian that do this are providing a service that many people are willing to pay for.

However for instance in a state like California that is experiencing a drought the company Arrowhead is experiencing a backlash because they are siphoning water from the aquifers and lakes of California that are depleting rapidly in order to chill there modeling photos. Let me see this as a problem because the water is meant to serve everyone and now a company which makes millions of dollars per year is benefiting from what should be a public service. Even though Arrowhead as a company has a contract that licenses this huge and it is 100% legal, there is still a backlash from those who believe that mother nature provides water for everyone and that it is not up to a company to make it private and start making money off of something that should be free for everyone. This is usually not an issue unless there is a drought in which case this becomes a very contentious and divisive issue for everyone. Those who can afford it will always have fresh water to drink and never have to worry about running out. But for those who use and rely on tap water as their main source of water this becomes a very big deal .

Spring water is one of the most acceptable forms of water next to rain water and even though it takes a lot of Manpower and machines and work in order to get it out of the ground and bottle it and get it to the stores it is still what many consider a free and public utility at the gift of mother nature. Mother nature provides water and food for everyone if they have the ability to get it. But the way that our world is set up with multinational corporations that farm and collects water and sell it back to us for a profit but this is not always the case. water is necessary for all of us . what is necessary for all of life’s functions including cooking bathing sanitation and drinking.

Harvest Your Water

Harvesting Spring Water — Collecting water from a natural spring takes technology and expertise. Right now underneath the ground are rivers and lakes full of fresh water . There are many different ways of collecting and finding this precious resource. If you are in the mountains then you can use radar and sonar technology to find underwater cave systems and river systems. Once you have found the systems then usually a pump will be necessary to bring the water out from the ground.

This can involve high tech and heavy duty equipment or some springs may bubble to the surface or flow out from the side of a mountain and require no additional deep pumping. Pumping water out of the ground requires a permit and permission from the landowners. Rights to water are called effluvian rights and need to be obtained before water can be legally pumped out of the ground. To obtain these rights one must own the land or have a contract with the landowners. Sometimes the landowners will not actually retain these rights to the waters below and they can be owned by someone else.

It is important to find out what the rules and laws are in the area that you were thinking about pumping. There are many companies that handle spring water and bottled up for drinking. Evian is a very well known spring water company that sources their water from the French Alps. Many people think that this water is the most delicious in the world and the marketing campaigns from Evian always try to promote their water as the best in the world and the most exclusive. Another well-known spring water company from a totally different landscape is Fiji Water. Fiji Water is pumped from a natural spring on the island nation of Fiji which is a completely different sort of landscape from the alps. The water here has a very high basic pH which gives the water a pleasing taste and a smooth mouth feel.

Many waters these days sell themselves for their high pH and basic nature. Certain spring waters are more basic than others and claim to have healing healthful properties based on the alkaline nature and the ability to alkalize the body through the water itself . Harvesting spring water can be done on a small scale as well as a large industrial scale. There are many maps that the layman can find that will point you in the right direction to find underwater springs over the world. The springs can be used when camping or traveling in order to find a clean source of fresh water.

Once you find the spring you can use a simple pump or if it is flowing into a pool you can collect it from the source using bottles. Above all else remember that pumping fresh water from the ground is the most direct way to find pure water that is suitable for drinking beside collecting rainwater. Just make sure that when you are collecting spring water for drinking that you went through a filtration process to also eliminate any contaminants including bacteria and chemicals that could make the water toxic for drinking. When you have done this in case you have all of the rights to the water itself then you can start bottling it and sign it with the proper permits to do so and pay all taxes. Spring water is a gift of the earth that occurs when rain falls usually in a mountain area and is collected underwater or underground. Often times the water will collect minerals as it flows underground.

These minerals can give the spring water a unique taste and also a mineral content that has special properties. Certain spring waters like those found in Italy are sold as mineral water and our prize for their mineral content and flavor. Above all else make sure that the water that you are pumping it safe to drink before drinking it yourself are offering it to others for selling it . If you follow these guidelines and you can harvest spring water and nature’s gift of fresh drinkable water for years to come. Spring water is nature‚Äôs gift for us all.